Dr. Wei Chu

Senior Director of Engineering

Ant Financial

About Dr. Wei

Dr. Wei Chu is R&D team leader and an award-winning researcher with 15 years of academia and industry experience. He is a senior director & researcher with Ant Financial, an affiliate of Alibaba Group. He currently leads a R&D team of 100+ researchers and engineers to develop cognitive computing services, including platforms for computer vision, natural language understanding and knowledge graph. Previously Dr. Chu was a director in charge of distributed machine learning platform for Alibaba Cloud, known as PAI 2.0. Prior to joining Alibaba, Wei was team leader at Microsoft Bing working on personalized search technology. At Yahoo! Labs he worked with colleagues on web-scale user-click stream for content optimization via contextual bandits.

Dr. Chu has published 50+ papers at top-tier conferences and journals, received 5000+ citations according to Google Scholar, and also earned a Best Paper Award at ACM WSDM and a Best Demo Award at ACM CIKM. He received his PhD in Machine Learning from the National University of Singapore.