Henry Ajder

Expert & Advisor on Deepfakes, Disinfomation, and Emerging Cyberthreats

About Henry

Henry is a leading expert and advisor on deepfakes, synthetic media, and emerging cyberthreats.
He helps companies and organisations navigate these fast-moving spaces and forge a strategic understanding of their growing impact on business and society.
Previously, Henry was Head of Threat Research at the world’s first deepfake detection company, Sensity, where he authored the groundbreaking Automating Image Abuse report on Telegram deepfake bots, and The State of Deepfakes 2019 report, the world’s first mapping of the deepfake landscape.

Henry is an established public communicator, frequently speaking on deepfakes and the complex relationship between emerging technologies and society.

Their Sessions

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm 14th June 2021

What if we told you there’s an emerging technology so manipulative that it has the potential to sow seeds of chaos into our democracies? That tool is here, and it’s known as deepfakes. We look...

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