About James

James joined The University of Manchester in 2014 were he is developing the industrial partnerships and collaborations to accelerate the commercialisation opportunities for graphene, building on the knowledge base of University where graphene – dubbed the “wonder material” – was first isolated by professors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov.

Manchester leads the world in graphene research and is one of the most important centres for commercialising the one-atom-thick material. The University is home to the academic-led £61m National Graphene Institute (NGI) and the industry-facing £60m Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC). The GEIC pilots production facilities and characterisation for the industrial scale-up of graphene, as well as developing graphene and 2D materials applications.

Previous to joining Manchester, James spent 25 years at the Technology Collaboration Programmes and Managing Director of the Advanced Technology Centres for BAE Systems in the UK. He joined The University of Manchester in 2014.

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