Jen Schwartz

Senior Features Editor

Scientific American

About Jen

Jen Schwartz is a senior features editor at Scientific American who produces stories on how society is adapting—or not—to a rapidly changing world. During the pandemic she has written about the anguish of uncertainty, from the trauma of healthcare workers to the legacy of scientific racism to what it’s like to create disinformation as a chaos-maker. She co-led the magazine’s 2019 special issue, “Truth, Lies & Uncertainty.” Her work on climate adaptation won the 2019 National Association of Science Writers “Science and Society” award. Jen previously worked at Popular Science, GQ, New York, Outside, Self, and The Boston Globe.

Their Sessions

6:00 pm - 6:40 pm 15th June 2021
Curated with: Springer Nature

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked media coverage about science in a way never seen before. It also highlighted that accurate, evidence-based reporting is essential when dealing with a...

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