Jon Pitts

Founder & CTO

IHP Analytics

About Jon

Jon is the founder and Chief Technical Officer of IHP Analytics.

His extensive, diverse record in elite human performance spans 5 Olympic campaigns alongside military theatres, international cricket, and most recently F1, where the search and need for any human advantage is constant. It was this environment that catalysed and crystalised Jon’s long-term vision and aspiration; to move from the subjective to the ruthlessly objective – the art of blending human science with the sophisticated analyses enhanced by his ability to simplify complexity and sustain progression.

This digital platform, now thoroughly tested is available to the corporate sector for the first time: My Work life Analytics is a game-changing digital platform, providing data-driven individual and organisational capability, empowering individuals to make personal sustainable changes to be able to navigate the challenges everyone faces today with the new future of work landscape, both now and into the future. There is ‘No Performance Without Wellbeing.’

Their Sessions

11:00 am - 11:40 am 15th June 2021
In-Person Session

An organisation’s success relies on its people. How can data-driven insights improve its HR and Wellbeing initiatives? Can we mitigate the risks surrounding privacy, trust and behavioural...

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