Juliet Eccleston

CEO and Founder and Chair


About Juliet

Juliet is the CEO and Founder of AnyGood?, a platform where a diverse network of professionals recommend other professionals for roles. Prior to this her background was as a freelance contractor, delivering multi £m change programmes within large corporates. After 20 years building high performing teams, her frustration with the process for recruitment collided with opportunity and the rise of sharing economy. Following years of research of best practise platform models, AnyGood? was launched in 2017 and now provides personally recommended candidates to organisations across the UK and beyond.

Juliet is also Chair of Sharing Economy UK, the trade body for sharing platforms, which works in partnership with the CBI. Juliet supports the growth of the sharing economy, maximising and highlighting the economic, social and environmental impact, enabling each business and the economy to reach its true potential.

Their Sessions

10:00 am - 10:40 am 16th June 2021

How has HR changed during the pandemic, and how does the digital transformation of work change the way HR functions? From payroll to benefits, performance management, learning and development,...

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