Kevin Cahill

Former CEO of Comic Relief and Founder The Talent Fund Charity

About Kevin

After a long career fundraising, campaigning for social justice and trying to make the world a fairer place, I am now a purposeful meanderer looking to apply my considerable experience and skills to interesting new challenges. I have a portfolio of assignments mainly in the pro-social and not for profit fields.

As Chief Executive of Comic Relief for 20 years, I became knowledgeable and experienced in leadership, corporate governance, risk and reputation management, brand building, media and communications. strategic planning and complex programme delivery. I am a creative, and also an inspirational speaker with many tough and inspiring stories to tell.

I am also the Founder of Sport Relief. Founder of the Talent Fund Charity. Chair of Zero 30 Media. Director of Rise and Shine (Greg’s new project). Director of Manchester United FoundationTrading (just need to check overnight if that is right descriptor). Trustee of Made by Sport. Trustee of the Harlequins Foundation. Trustee of the Candy Foundation.

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10:00 am - 10:40 am 14th June 2021
In-Person Session

An unruly pandemic has forever changed the face of healthcare and the technologies that help run it. So now we ask the question: what’s next for the health and wellbeing industry? Join Dr. Jack...

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