Marta Giralt

Year Leader

University of the Arts London

About Marta

Marta Giralt is a designer specialised in design research and strategy development. Her work explores the impact of new and emerging technologies and the potential implications that they may have on the future of our societies. She believes that it is only by critically engaging and navigating such technologies that we can really even begin to design and imagine a fairer, more ethical and sustainable future.

Currently working as Year Leader for the MA Material Futures course at Central Saint Martins and as Senior Researcher for futures agency FranklinTill, she has built an interest in using design as a platform to shape our world through the crossing of disciplines in science, technology and design.

Their Sessions

5:00 pm - 5:40 pm 15th June 2021

How will newly-understood properties of matter challenge the way we interact with our environment? Join brilliant minds from MIT and FranklinTill to peek into the fascinating science of...

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