Martina Macpherson

SVP ESG Engagement

Moody's Corporation

About Martina

Martina Macpherson is Senior Vice President, Strategic Engagement & Partnerships, at Moody’s, and President of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets. Martina has held a number of ESG leadership roles including Head of ESG Index Products at S&P DJI, Managing Director of Sustainable Investments Partners Ltd. and Vice President of ESG at MSCI. Martina has a vast range of experience in the ESG, index and asset management industry where she has been a member of regulatory, policy and (sustainable) finance management associations, networks and government-backed working groups at the UK, EU and international level. Martina is a visiting fellow in sustainable finance at University of Zurich and Henley Business School. Martina has an MBA certificate in finance and business from LSBF / UK, and a MA in Law and Human Sciences from University of Frankfurt in Germany. She is a fellow member of the ICRS, and an alumni of the German National Academic Foundation.

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