Murray Simpson

Global Sustainability Lead


About Murray

Dr Murray Simpson leads IBM’s Sustainability, Climate & Transition business, specialising in climate-related financial risk, transition to net zero and low carbon economies, climate impacts, resilience and sustainable development. He is an Executive Partner at IBM, a Senior Climate, Resilience and Sustainability Expert, and an experienced Director with exceptional Business Development expertise. Murray is a highly experienced International Consultant, with strong links to global corporations, international governments and leading academic institutions around the world including Oxford and Cambridge Universities. He is a Risk Management, Resilient Cities and Green Finance Specialist.

Dr Simpson specialises in climate resilience, sustainability, impacts, adaptation, energy, green finance and business development. Using innovative and pragmatic strategies to achieve successful outcomes. In his 25-years’ experience he has built and managed highly skilled teams. He has directed, project managed and worked on c.200 projects in over 75 countries. His work bridges the gaps between science, policy and practice.

Dr Simpson has worked as a technical, policy and implementation advisor to corporations, national governments, international organisations, communities and UN agencies, including the UNFCCC, UNEP and UNDP. He is a UNEP evaluator; a recent Associate of Climate Change Risk Management (CCRM); a member of the Royal Society Global Environmental Research Committee and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.