Nick Rose

Founder/ CEO


About Nick

Nikolaos Ntertsas is a Greek investor and entrepreneur. As a self-confessed environmentalist, Ntertsas rose to prominence as the creator of the “#PrayforAmazonia” hashtag, which raised awareness for the 2019 Amazon rainforest wildfires. He is an early stage investor in the scooter company Bolt and Ntertsas moved to the US in his twenties and became an early investor in bitcoin and blockchain technology. He also worked as a consultant for Ron Burkle and The Yucaipa Companies. Nikolaos is now the CEO and Founder of the NFT Marketplace, Ethernity, that specializes in authenticated NFT’s with world renowned icons.

Their Sessions

5:00 pm - 5:40 pm 15th June 2021

You’ve heard of CryptoKitties and Beeples’ $69m JPEG, but art & collectibles are just the beginning. There are trillions of $ of non-fungible assets in the meatspace, what value...

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