Piotr Mirowski

Staff Research Scientist


About Piotr

I am a Staff Research Scientist working at DeepMind (with Dr. Raia Hadsell), focusing on weather forecasting, on navigation-related research and in scaling up autonomous agents to real world environments.

I studied computer science in France (ENSEEIHT, Toulouse) and obtained my PhD in computer science in 2011 at New York University, with a thesis supervised by Prof. Yann LeCun (Outstanding Dissertation Award, 2011).

Prior to joining DeepMind, I worked at Schlumberger Research, at the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, at Bell Labs (with Dr. Tin Kam Ho) and at Microsoft Bing, on problems including epileptic seizure prediction from EEG, the inference of gene regulation networks, WiFi-based geolocalisation, robotics, natural language processing and search query auto-completion.

As a personal interest, I investigate the use of AI for artistic human and machine-based co-creation in theatre and improv performance.

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