Stephanie Hare

Independent Researcher & Broadcaster

About Stephanie

Stephanie Hare is an independent researcher, broadcaster and author of the forthcoming book Technology Ethics. Her publications and media work are at

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4:00 pm - 5:20 pm 14th June 2021

Anthropology, the scientific study of human behavioural patterns and underlying meaning, has found new domains of research in business and economy. Bestselling author and Anthropology PhD...

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10:00 am - 10:40 am 15th June 2021

From WhatsApp to the NSO group, should private firms be able to sell their tech to nation states for surveillance purposes? Can we trust governments not to exploit technology for nefarious ends?...

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2:00 pm - 2:40 pm 15th June 2021

The brunt of COVID-19’s impact fell largely on lower socio-economic areas and struggling communities. We’re joined by leading figures in healthcare to take a closer look at the biggest lessons...

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