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About Steven

Dr. Steven Waterhouse (Seven) is co-founder and CEO of Orchid Labs, a unique decentralized privacy marketplace that brings together the services of leading VPN providers. Since launching in December, 2019, Orchid has been increasingly recognized as a leader in digital privacy.

Prior to founding Orchid, Steven co-founded Pantera Capital, one of the first crypto-focused VC funds, which invested in many early industry leaders such as Coinbase and Zcash.

Steven has spent his career advancing open source peer-to-peer technology solutions. In 2000 he joined Infrasearch, a peer-to-peer engine for deep search founded by Marc Andreessen, which was subsequently acquired by Sun Microsystems.

At Sun, Steven created a new decentralized data storage project known as the Honeycomb product group. He subsequently co-founded RPX (Nasdaq: RPXC), which went public in 2011.

In 2012 Steven joined Fortress Investment Group, where he helped start the firm’s first crypto investment group. This ultimately led to the founding of Pantera in 2013.

A former international-level rugby player and rower, Seven remains an avid waterman. He speaks frequently at events and conferences related to privacy, and has been a featured contributor to Nasdaq, the World Economic Forum, and other well-known organizations.

Their Sessions

10:00 am - 10:40 am 16th June 2021

In his talk, Dr, Steven Waterhouse will discuss how human values are built into our technology and how those values influence society. The next generation of technology can be built upon...

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