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About Stewart

Stewart Rogers is a journalist, analyst, public speaker, author, startup founder, musician, and “digital nomad.”

Rogers is best known for his speeches and work on mental health in the tech industry. He helps to shine a light on a serious issue and provides those that need it with the help and support required to stay alive and at their best. Other than his mental health keynote, he delivers speeches on AI, AR, Blockchain, and other emerging technologies, as well as workshops on PR and nomad life. A former analyst for VentureBeat, and current host of its events and webinars, Rogers uses the latest research and data to explain what is happening both now and next.

As Editor-in-Chief at Dataconomy, he informs the data science community and AI community, in addition to helping create and host Europes biggest data expert conference, Data Natives. As the Editor-in-Chief at Badass Times, he writes authentically on digital nomad life, and helps to manage the team behind the world’s first combined nomad publication and social network. As the Managing Editor at Grit Daily, he checks the pulse of marketing technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchain technologies, as well as the video game industry and the future of daily life. And as co-founder of Badass Empire, he helps digital professionals become badass at business, marketing, and in life.

Their Sessions

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm 14th June 2021
Curated with: Fabric Ventures

The most successful business model of the internet has been to harvest as much data as possible and only share it if profit can be extracted. Let’s consider a new model, where all...

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