Tina Woods

CEO & Founder

Collider Health

About Tina

Tina is Founder and CEO of Collider Health, an ecosystem builder that works with organisations in both private and public sectors to transform health with sustainable impact at scale. Tina specialises in connecting government, business and academia to align thinking and take action. She works with the National AHSN AI Network and NHSX AI Lab to support an AI and data-driven tech ecosystem for the NHS and UK Research & Innovation on the Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. Tina is also co-founder and CEO of Longevity International, which provides the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity that launched The Health of the Nation Strategy supported by Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health and Care, in February 2020 to deliver the government manifesto for 5 extra years of healthy life expectancy to all British citizens by 2035 while mimimising health inequalities. Tina is now setting up Business for Health (a key recommendation in the Strategy) that sets out how business should invest long-term in sustainable preventative health in line with ESG mandates like for climate change: to enhance health and economic resilience and develop socially-driven products and services to keep people healthy and well. Tina’s book, ‘Live Longer with AI: How artificial intelligence is helping us extend our healthspans and live better too’ was published in October 2020 and is now available on Amazon here (and free for the NHS workforce via Health Education England).

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2:00 pm - 2:40 pm 16th June 2021
In-Person Session

Does anyone really want to live until 180? Progress in longevity science is abundant at the moment, from healthspan hacking to novel therapies being brought under development. Our panel of...

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