Tom Henriksson

General Partner


About Tom

Tom is a seasoned business leader and business developer, with a world class industry and VC network. He has led investments into several OpenOcean portfolio companies, including Truecaller, LoopMe, and Unacast – all of which have scaled impressively since the time of investment. Tom has Chair and Board experience from ca. 20 companies, including current Board roles with: Personalyze, Unacast, PassFort, LoopMe, Thimble, and Cambri.

Tom’s previous experience in venture capital includes serving as Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Holtron Ventures, the first investor in MySQL AB. He was also General Manager, Nokia Interactive Advertising, scaling the world’s leading premium mobile advertising network to more than $50M revenue run-rate from scratch in 2006-2009. Tom is an accomplished business development and investment expert, having developed, invested in, and acquired multiple new businesses during 9 years at Nokia Corporation, including serving as Head of Corporate Business Development.

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