Ulrik Christensen


Area9 Group

About Ulrik

Dr. Christensen has pioneered adaptive learning, data-driven content development, simulation and debriefing technologies. He is responsible for Area9 Group’s businesses, that span from purpose-built platforms for optimization of business processes for large corporations over digital product design to corporate training based on intelligent, adaptive learning. Area9 developed the largest adaptive learning platforms supporting thousands of products and over 18 million learners.

His primary focus is Area9 Lyceum which in January 2018 assembled all the group’s educational investments and technologies, and set out to create the 4th generation adaptive learning platform and the first generation supporting four dimensional education.

Dr. Christensen is on the boards of LEAP Innovation and Mastery Transcript Consortium. He is also on the advisory board for Transcend Education, CharacterLab, Center for Curriculum Redesign at Harvard University.