What would flirting with artificial intelligence sound like?- Issue 50: Speaker Naturally, Chat Bots, NLP and Voice Briefing

Speaking Naturally

What would flirting with artificial intelligence sound like? We find out below from a study that set out to train a neural network to produce chat up lines. “Can I see your parts list?” was a particular favourite though everyone in the team agreed it was unlikely to pass the Turing Test!

Perhaps we can also develop or improve some human traits by spending time with an algorithm called ‘Peach’. Peach could end up making you more sociable, more conscientious or agreeable. What trait might you want to increase, or decrease, about yourself?



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Have you ever wondered what flirting with artificial intelligence would sound like? Research scientist and engineer Janelle Shane used an algorithm, loosely inspired by biological brain structures, to produce chat-up lines…with mixed results.

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Today’s voice assistants use a combination of three different skills: speech recognition, natural language processing, and voice generation. This episode of the podcast series from MIT Technology Review explores how machines communicate and what it means for the humans on the other end of the conversation.

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Nearly 200 musicians signed an open letter to Spotify firmly asking the streaming service not to develop a patent granted earlier this year for tech that can identify emotions in people’s voices.

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As noted above, there’s a study designed to test whether using an app daily for three months would be enough to create noticeable and lasting personality changes. Each participant chose one trait they wanted to increase or decrease.

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OVER 65s

Computer scientists at the University of California San Diego received an Amazon Research Award to develop a voice assistant to better communicate with older adults. Their initial goal is to create a system capable of understanding and answering the medical questions of adults over age 65.

Read more (UC San Diego News Center)



Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet have each rolled out cloud-based platforms and applications to tackle challenges in setting up and running appointment-booking websites and call centres. This includes checking the eligibility of millions of people for vaccination appointments.

Read more (Wall Street Journal)


Riot Games the game developer behind popular titles like League of Legends and Valorant is trying to tackle toxic language, taking action against it by announcing it would be capturing and evaluating voice comms.

Read more (Tech Crunch)


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