Global Leadership

Focusing on the biggest questions of our time, leaders set our direction of travel


Focusing on the biggest questions of our time, we invite the most important thought leaders of today to talk about their successes but also the biggest disruptions taking place in their sector. After the momentous crises of the past year, we are aiming to convene luminaries and icons to have a constructive discussion about how we can move forward together and with purpose.

What will this Stage Explore?

1. What’s coming next for tech regulation in the EU?
2. Why stakeholder capitalism lends real competitive advantage
3. How the UK has been investing in long term research and innovation
4. How to tackle the social and planetary costs of AI


Recovery and Resilience

As the storms of the global pandemic continue to buffet businesses and individuals, we are all in need of a double dose of resilience. If only there were a precise recipe for it, we would all be ...

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