Health, Wellbeing & Covid-19

A 360 view on health under COVID-19


We are thrilled to announce a taste of the expertise to come. We, like you, are driven by an urgent need to make sense of the shifting sands of our world and carve a path forward, we expect many of the sessions at CogX to be coloured by the COVID-19 crisis and we aim to play our part in helping by connecting, celebrating and supporting each other in June. Check out some of the names you’ll be able to virtually meet.

Led by our brilliant Health committee this topic will bring stories from the front line across the globe:

  • Chair, Dr. Jack Kreindler, Founder & Medical Director, Centre for Human Health & Performance (CHHP)
  • – Tina Woods, CEO & Founder, Collider Health
  • – Dr Jordan Shlain, CEO, Private Medical
  • – Parker Moss, Board Member, Cancer Research Technology, Cancer Research UK
  • – Maxine Mackintosh: Co-Founder, One HealthTech
  • – Dr. Dina Radenkovic, Academic Doctor, Guy’s and St Thomas’​ NHS Foundation Trust

We aim to also look forward past the immediate Covid-19 crisis to how we build resilient health systems and ask, what would a new charter for health entail? We draw early lessons from recent events and explore how data, new pathways for drug discovery and AI are playing key roles in future health. We’ll explore how longevity, epigenetics, wellbeing and performance have changed forever and what it will take for our health to flourish in the coming years.



What Now for The National Health Service?

With health systems being stretched across the world due to the pandemic, a new discussion has begun to emerge around future resiliency. We want to know what we can do better to help support our local ...

Headline Partner: Microsoft

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