The Cutting Edge

A glimpse into what’s next in tech


Tune in to hear about the next wave of technology, discover what’s coming down the line and what will inform your 5-10 year strategy. This is the track where we explore the granular changes taking place in the far flung regions of advanced technology. Where we explore how the computing world is changing everything from chip technology to quantum computing. What are the most promising applications of these new technologies, and where will it take us.

What will this Stage Explore?

1. Is there a new hidden lawbook of physics that we do not know about?
2. Can technology steal thoughts from your mind?
3. Could quantum sensing revolutize industries across the world?
4. Why is probabilistic programming a game changer for machine learning?
5. Why Africa and the Global South is vital the progress of AI
6. What is the future of chips over the next 10 years?”