3D-printed concrete homes and wireless charging whilst you’re on the road- Issue 49: CogX – AI for Climate Briefing

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Europe’s first 3D-printed concrete house has popped up in the Netherlands. With Project Milestone, the city of Eindhoven hopes to pave the way for wide-scale construction of 3D houses equipped with all modern comforts. The three-room single-floor house is spread over 1,000 square feet and has a wooden roof.

The builders claim that one of the advantages of using a 3D concrete printer is its ability to lay concrete only where it is needed, thereby reducing wastage and CO2 emissions from more cement use.

India created its first 3D-printed house in Chennai recently. Is this the way we’ll create and build our environmentally-friendly homes in the future?




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Europe’s first 3D-printed concrete house and the world’s first commercial housing project in the city of Eindhoven has gotten its first tenants. With Project Milestone, the city of Eindhoven hopes to pave the way for wide-scale construction of 3D houses equipped with all modern comforts.

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Researchers have demonstrated a solution to a 40-year problem regarding the creation of a “holy grail” battery that could radically transform the electric car industry. The breakthrough involves harnessing the power of lithium-metal batteries, which are capable of holding substantially more energy and charge in a fraction of the time compared to lithium-ion batteries

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Researchers in Singapore, in a first-of-its-kind international collaboration, are partnering with the UK’s COP26 Universities Network, aiming to address climate change in the ASEAN region. Read more about how this will support policy development and the UK’s international COP26 objectives in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

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The EU’s top official on climate action has backed the German Greens’ call for tax and pricing changes to make rail travel more popular than flying. EU Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans said “I support taxing kerosene like other fuels” and “nobody has to fly 10 or 12 times a year”.

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Researchers at Cornell University, led by Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Khurram Afridi, have developed technology that would allow vehicles to be charged on the road while in motion. It would effectively turn roadways into wireless chargers.

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